Presentation of Action Plan Information and Rules

At the State Competition, and in some districts, teams must create a Presentation of the Action Plan.  These are based on Step 6 of the booklet, and students perform the skit before an audience.

The presentations will be evaluated according to a provided score sheet, and the highest scoring teams will be recognized at closing ceremonies.

Presentations of Action Plan may also occur as part of the qualifying problem within your district. Rules provided below may be altered within districts, but rules will always be provided to teams prior to a competition.


Rules for Presentation of Action Plan


  1. Presentations may have a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of seven (7) performing members.
  2. Presentations must be at least two minutes long, and last no longer than four minutes.
  3. A list of materials from which students may fashion props is provided.
  4. No props may be prepared prior to the preparation time period at competition, and no additional props/materials may be used.
  5.  Four chairs will be provided, and the team may choose to use them as desired.
  6. A mystery item and quote, revealed after booklet work, must be included in the team’s presentation.
  7. Presentations are intended to be the work of the students. Monitors may provide constructive support while refraining from interfering with the creative process.
  8. Teams will be assigned a presentation order and competition room.
  9. One team member will read the team’s Underlying Problem and a summary of the Action Plan to the judges/audience prior to the beginning of presentation time.
  10. All teams are expected to remain as part of the audience until all teams in the room complete their presentations*
  11. Coaches, parents, and other members of the audience must refrain from providing assistance to the team in any form once a team begins the actual presentation*
  12. Presentations must be appropriate for a school-sponsored event*

* Penalty points may be assessed if any of these rules are broken.


1 roll of tape

1 stapler and 1 box of staples

1 set of water-soluble colored markers

pen & pencils

1 box of aluminum foil

10 sheets of colored 8.5 by 11 paper

1 magazine

1 roll of paper towels

1 pair of scissors

12 pipe cleaners

1 plastic garbage bag


To see a scoresheet, click here.