For the 2017-18 year, here are winning Community Problem Solving teams who are advancing to IC in June!

A Video from the Li’l Pirates

 The Mathletes!

The Mathletes are a team of 9 Junior Community Problem Solvers from Rymfire Elementary in Flagler County. They recently were name Grand Champions at the Affiliate Competition and were invited to compete at the international level in Wisconsin in June. The Mathletes recognize that many students at their school are struggling in math.  This struggle is compounded with the fact that few students have little support from home when it comes to math in particular.  The Mathletes want to empower students by immersing them with math throughout the school by including it not only in the classrooms but in common areas of the school like hallways, special area classrooms and the cafeteria.  They also strive to make students and parents more comfortable with math by providing after school tutoring and trainings. The Mathletes want everyone to LOVE math!

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Project I.N.F.O

My district provides school choice, allowing students to choose which high school suits them. My goal is to better inform incoming freshman about opportunities available at each of the high schools, since they provide many different options, so that students can make more informed decisions. To solve my goal, I have created a page on the district website, allowing students and parents to compare what is available at each of our high schools. Also, I have provided a physical place for students and parents to gather more information on high school programs and requirements in the middle school “Resource Room”.


Project V.O.I.C.E.S.

Celebrating cultural diversity is vital in our society, but is not highlighted in our high school. V.O.I.C.E.S. (Visualizing Opportunities In Cultural Expression for Students) increases opportunities for cultural expression so that students’ voices are empowered. With the global organization,
TED, V.O.I.C.E.S. has implemented a TED-Ed club at our high school. This new platform gives unique chances to students to share their amazing culture and inspiring ideas. Students talk about everything from female empowerment, stereotypes, body shaming in modern culture, to
how bullying affects school culture, and so much more. They have voices; we are helping them share them with the world! (Caption:TED-Ed Club Member Marsha Bien-Aime’s talk: Stereotypes) (Caption: TED-Ed Club member Ele Barnaby’s talk: The Art of Giving)