Action-based Problem Solving (AbPS)


What is Action-based Problem Solving?

Action-based Problem Solving is a non-competitive classroom activity utilizing the 6-step Global Issues Problem Solving model. AbPS may be used as a preliminary teaching tool in the lower grades, or as a stand-alone component at any level.  It introduces the classroom teacher and students to creative problem solving, higher-level thinking, and action skills in a hands-on, non-threatening manner.

Why Action-based Problem Solving?

Action-based Problem Solving provides opportunities for students to develop and exercise the skills necessary to meet and exceed the standards for curriculum and instruction, language arts, social studies, science, the arts, math, geography, civics, technology, life skills, and behavioral studies.  This is done through research and investigation of topics relevant to their world.

Who can participate in Action-based Problem Solving?

Students may participate in AbPS in three divisions: Primary (Kindergarten – 3rd grade), Junior (grades 3-6), and Middle (grades 6-9). In the Primary Division a team may be made up of any number of students, up to and including an entire class. In the Junior and Middle Divisions, a team is any number up to six students.

How do I register students for Action-based Problem Solving?

Contact Connie Miller or your District Representative for a Global Issues registration form. Registration can then be sent by mail or email. Your AbPS packet will be sent upon receipt of the $35 fee per team. All materials that are needed will be included in the packet.  The packet includes guidelines for submission, tips for coaches and students, evaluation information, and official entry cover sheets.






Primary Division:

Mission to Moon, Mars & Beyond and/or Food Loss & Waste


Junior and Middle Division:

Mission to Moon, Mars & Beyond, Drones, and Food Loss & Waste

(teams pick two of the three topics)

How are Action-based Problem Solving booklets evaluated?

When a booklet is completed, please send it to Connie Miller, 248 Sykes Point Lane, Merritt Island, FL 32953. It will be evaluated and returned to you with feedback, as promptly as possible.  A Primary team may submit one booklet and each Junior or Middle team may complete two booklets, one per semester.  As this component is non-competitive, there is no time-line for completion.  You have the flexibility to teach the steps at the students’ pace.  

If you have any further questions, please contact Connie at the email address given below.

Coordinator:  Connie Miller,